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Posted 09 January 2018 - 03:11 PM

Guess the Plot

Truth Seekers

1. It's out there . . . but you can't handle it.

2. A history of interrogation methods from Egyptian times to modern. 

3. When conspiracy theorist Myra Sanford is found dead at a charity banquet, Homicide Detective Zack Martinez knows two things. All the politicians there were actually somewhere else, and he better get guest-of-honor pop star Viennana's autograph before he proves she committed the murder.

4. Best friends sixth-graders Jake and Robbie have a great idea for the Science Fair: they'll bust some myths, just like on TV. But when Robbie's sister Rene is accused of stealing Kaylee's purse, the boys decide to turn their attention to solving the crime. Can they do it in time for the Science Fair?

5. When you're next in line for the throne, and you don't want the throne, so you change your name and your appearance hoping you can get out of Dodge, it's probably not a good idea to hook up with a group of people calling themselves the Truth Seekers. That was Muriel Snick's first mistake.

6. Conman Billy Winks can spot a lie without any mystical abilities, which makes impersonating a Truth Seeker easy money ... until he's sent on a quest where he'll die without said mystical abilities. At least he'll be out of town when the duke gets back from his year-long crusade and finds his wife pregnant.

7. When David Dadison, star of the TV paranormal hit "Truth Seekers", is found with a stake through his heart, homicide detective Zack Martinez knows two things. One, whoever did it left a broken fingernail at the scene, and two, maybe now his daughter will stop with the vampire crap.

8. When Puddy McPhee gets fed kibble, because there is ‘no Fancy Feast in the cupboard today’, she enlists canine rival Ozface McPhee to open the heavy cupboard door. Was the human Lying? When Puddy finds out the truth, one way or the other there is going to be hell to pay.

Original Version

Dear Mr. E. Editor,

Alias 'Muriel Snick' doesn't want the throne, [Wait, what? Assuming the character's name isn't Alias 'Muriel Snick' and 'Muriel Snick' is the character's alias, what's with the punctuation around Muriel Snick? If the punctuation is there to show Muriel Snick isn't her real name, the word "alias" isn't needed.] but if her family keeps dying, she might end up with it. Her best hope is to leave the country. [Who gets the throne if alias 'Muriel Snick' is out of the country?] The god choosing rulers can't reach her there. [Where is "there"? Anywhere outside the country?] Course, between last month's riots and her four dead siblings (so far), the borders are closed. And even commoners are antsy enough to be forming groups, taking charge, and failing to keep order. [Forming groups and taking charge sounds like an attempt to keep order.]

One commoner group, called the Truth Seekers, may be Snick's ticket out. They need a third good cook to accompany a group of immigrants, [Emigrants?] and unlike everyone else, they're in no position to fuss over Snick's age. [What is her age?] They're also looking for some missing nobility, including a missing princess, [No need to tell us the princess is missing if she's one of the missing nobility.] not that anyone knows what that princess looks like. If Snick keeps her head down [Assuming Muriel is the princess, if no one knows what the princess looks like, why does she have to keep her head down?] and does the work she's always loved, none of it will be her problem soon enough.

There's one problem with making plans to leave everything, even her old self, behind: the life Snick lives to leave is the one she's always wanted. [And the leeks Snick likes to lick are the ones she's always lacking.] 

Truth Seekers is a YA Fantasy, complete at 90,000 words. The somewhat unreliable narrator never acknowledges her real name. [Is Muriel's real name ever mentioned in the book? Hard to believe the Truth Seekers never mention the name if they're actively looking for the missing princess.] While this book stands alone, it is the proposed first in a trilogy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



The tone is nice, but it's confusing, starting with the first three words. How about:

Muriel Snick doesn't want the throne, which is why she's using the alias Muriel Snick, and why she's signed on as a cook with the Truth Seekers, a group of commoners emigrating from Mochatania. If Muriel can get across the border before her last living sibling dies, the ruler-choosing god won't be able to choose her as queen. What Muriel doesn't know is that the Truth Seekers are looking for a missing princess in hopes of claiming a big reward.

That pretty much sums up your whole plot description, though not necessarily with accuracy, leaving room to explain why Muriel wants out, why it would be good/bad for her/the country if she were chosen, what happens that threatens to foil her plan, what difficult decision she must make to reach her goal.

Why are a group of commoner immigrants looking for missing nobility?

How can the Truth Seekers, a group so large they need three cooks, leave the country if the borders are closed?

If the rulers are chosen by a god rather than through a line of succession, why is Muriel likely to be chosen?

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