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New Beginning 1070

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 02:09 PM

“My name is Laranius, son of Lavernius,” said the lich in the slightly-faded green robe. “But everyone calls me Larry.”

And he smiled.

I think.

“So, uh, Laran—Larry,” I began, “What brings you here?”

You don’t usually see many liches. For one, they generally keep to themselves, where they can create weird magic. And for another, they don’t really blend. Sure, some are really skinny, pale people, like attenuated vampires; but most look like a decaying mummy, or a skeleton. Larry, as far as I could tell, was a skeleton.

Larry shifted in his chair. “Well, sir, the groom at Brad the Impaler’s said you needed a necromancer, and since Brad had just let me go, this sounded like a good place to come.”

Now, I know Brad. He’s usually a pretty chill guy. Why would he kick out a perfectly good lich?

Just then my lady, my wife, the love of my life Dorene swept into the room, resplendent in her blue and silver gown, her auburn gold hair flying and her face like thunder. “Doug!,” she said to me. “That stupid girl dropped all my hairpins down the privy!” She stopped when she saw Larry. “Oh, hello,” she said.

Larry stood. With an exaggerated bow, he said, “My name is Laranius, son of Lavernius. But you may call me Larry.” Little silvery sparkles danced from his gloved fingers.

“Welcome,” she said as she took her seat at my side. “What can we do for you, Larry?”

"We're here to get rid of any dead animals or people you might have lying around."

"We?" Dorene said.

Just then two more liches entered the room. Larry said, "There's three of us. I'm Laranius. This is my brother Darylius, and that's my other brother Darylius."

Opening: Khazar-khum.....Continuation: Evil Editor

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